Please go through the following and experience the ease of using the FastPay app.

1. Download & Install

At first, please download the FastPay app from FastPay Website, Google Play or App Store into your mobile handset under Android or iOS platform respectively. Use search keyword ‘fastpay’.

After installation completes, tap on FASTPAY  to open the app. Now you are ready to go!

2. Sign Up

After opening the FASTPAY app, provide your Cell Number and tap on ENTER.

You will receive a SMS from FASTPAY, which includes the Mobile Apps Activation OTP (One Time Password). Enter the OTP and tap on ENTER.

After giving OTP it is required to provide your Full Name, Email Address, DOB, Enter Your Password, Re-Enter Your Password, and tap on PROCEED. The next screen will give you to upload your supporting document i.e – (……) and tap PROCEED. Then the next screen is TERMS AND CONDITIONS which you need to click √ to accept it and tap NEXT.

Then you will get the SUCCESSFUL message for opening FastPay account.

3. How to Log-In to FastPay (First Time)?

Once you signed up, you can login to the FastPay through any one of the below options:

Open FastPay App
Enter User ID (Mobile Number) & 8 Digits Password
Click ‘Log-In’ Button
Enable Touch Option (Touch ID)
Enter your Finger Print (For Easy Log-in next time)
Or, Create your Four Digits Pin (For Easy Log-in next time)
Note: This option will be applicable only for Touch ID enabled devices
Re-Enter your 4 Digits Pin
Note: This option will be for non-touch ID enabled devices
You are Logged-in now

Website users can login only by entering Mobile number & password.

4. Home Screen of FastPay

Once logged in, the wallet is ready to use with the following screen.

5. How to deposit money to my FastPay account?

You can deposit money to your FastPay account through three way, they are:

  • Via Nearest FastPay Agent
  • Via FastPay Cash Cards
  • Via FastPay e-Vouchers

Nearest FastPay Agent

You can find the nearest FastPay Agent from the Map and can deposit Cash by visiting the agent.

FastPay Cash Cards

FastPay Cash Cards is card that can help you to recharge quickly and easily by inputting 9 (Nine) digit number inside the card.

FastPay e-Vouchers

FastPay e-Voucher is online voucher which need to purchase from any FastPay retailer. After getting e-Voucher you can Scan QR Code of E-Voucher or type E-Voucher Number.

6. Withdraw Money

You can withdraw your money any time from any agent of FastPay.

Visit Nearest FastPay Agent
Tell him the Amount you want to withdraw and give your details
Give the OTP to Agent verify which you received
Receive your money from Agent
Check your Balance

User needs to show their National ID/Passport/Residence Card to the Agent for first time withdraw. Agent will scan it and upload it into the Agent Interface.

7. Send Money

Steps to Send Money Option – 01 Far From the Receiver

Open the FastPay App
Select Send Money Option
Click Enter Details
Type Receiver Mobile Number, Amount & Pin Number
Click Send

Steps to Send Money Option – 01 Near From the Receiver

Open the FastPay App
Select Send Money Option
Click Scan QR Code
Scan QR Code Generated by the Receiver
Click Send

8. Receive Money

Steps to Receive Money

Open the FastPay App
Select Receive Money Option
Type number and Amount
Click Generate Code
Sender will scan the QR Code
Sender will Click Send

9. Mobile Recharge

Steps to Mobile Recharge

Open the FastPay App
Select Operators / Others
Select Recharge Plan and Enter Pin Number
You will get Recharge Confirmation
Click “Yes/No” Button
You will get 13 Digits Pin

10. Internet Recharge

Steps to buy Data Bundle

Open the FastPay App
Select Internet
Select Bundle
Enter your Fastlink Account Number and Enter PIN
Purchasing Data Bundle ‘Yes / No’
Successful Transaction

11. Online Cards

Step to view Online Cards

Open the FastPay App
Select Online Cards and Select Card
Select Bundle
Enter your FastPay PIN
You will get Card Summery
Successful Transaction ! You will get Online Card Number

12. Transaction History

Steps to view Transaction History

Open the FastPay App
Select Transaction History Tile


In the setting option you can manage your Inactive Duration.

Help and Support

Help and Support service will help you to navigate you query. There is two option there 1. FAQ and 2. Support